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Σάββατο, 19 Αυγούστου 2017

Metal Ballads Vol.2 (1989)

Κυριακή, 13 Αυγούστου 2017

Τετάρτη, 9 Αυγούστου 2017

D. P. - Infinite (2017)


01. Time For Bedlam
02. Hip Boots
03. All I've Got Is You
04. One Night In Vegas
05. Get Me Outta Here
06. The Surprising
07. Johnny's Band
08. On Top Of The World
09. Birds Of Prey
10. Roadhouse Blues



Κυριακή, 6 Αυγούστου 2017

Jack Rose - Kensington Blues (2005)

Jack Rose (February 16, 1971 – December 5, 2009) was an American guitarist originally from Virginia and later based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rose is best known for his solo acoustic guitar work. He was also a member of the noise/drone band Pelt.

Jack Rose info


1. Kensington Blues
2. Cross the North Fork
3. Cathedral et Chartres
4. Rappahanock River Rag (For William Moore)
5. Sunflower River Blues
6. Now That I'm a Man Full Grown II
7. Flirtin' with the Undertaker
8. Calais to Dover


Παρασκευή, 4 Αυγούστου 2017

Skyclad - 1996 - Irrational Anthems

Skyclad are a British heavy metal band with heavy folk influences in their music. They are considered one of the pioneers of folk metal. The etymology behind the term "skyclad" comes from a pagan/wiccan term for ritual nudity, in which rituals are performed with the participants metaphorically clad only by the sky, as a sign of equality. The name alludes both to the band's religious leanings and to their social beliefs, as set out in the song "Skyclad" on their first album.

Track listing

"Inequality Street" – 4:05
"The Wrong Song" – 3:56
"Snake Charming" – 4:04
"Penny Dreadful" – 3:08
"The Sinful Ensemble" – 5:21
"My Mother in Darkness" – 4:00
"The Spiral Starecase" – 2:23
"No Deposit, No Return" – 4:30
"Sabre Dance" – 3:07
"I Dubious" – 3:12
"Science Never Sleeps" – 5:05
"History Lessens" – 3:38
"Quantity Time" – 5:14


Τρίτη, 1 Αυγούστου 2017

Bob Marley And The Wailers - Catch A Fire

Catch a Fire is a 1973 album by Bob Marley and the Wailers. It was their first album released by Island Records.[1] After touring and recording in the United Kingdom with Johnny Nash, Nash's departure to the United States left the band without enough money to return home; they approached producer Chris Blackwell, who agreed to advance the Wailers money for an album and paid their fares back to Jamaica, where they recorded Catch a Fire. The album features nine songs, two of which were written and composed by Peter Toshand the remaining seven of which were written and composed by Bob Marley. After Marley's return to London to present the tapes to Blackwell, the producer reworked the tracks with contributions by Muscle Shoals session musician Wayne Perkins, who played guitar on two overdubbed tracks.

The album's supporting concert tour throughout England and the United States helped establish the band as international stars. Catch a Fire peaked at number 171 on the Billboard 200 and number 51 on the Billboard Black Albums charts. Critical acclaim has included the album being listed at number 126 on Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums of all time, second only to Legend among five Bob Marley albums on the list. It is regarded as one of the top reggae albums of all time.

Side one
1. "Concrete Jungle" 4:13
2. "Slave Driver" 2:54
3. "400 Years" Peter Tosh 2:45
4. "Stop That Train" Peter Tosh 3:54
5. "Baby We've Got a Date (Rock It Baby)" 3:55

Side two
6. "Stir It Up" 5:32
7. "Kinky Reggae" 3:37
8. "No More Trouble" 3:58
9. "Midnight Ravers" 5:08


Σάββατο, 29 Ιουλίου 2017

Universal Hippies - Dead Hippie's Revolution (2017)

Influenced by classic rock, stoner rock and psychedelic rock, Universal Hippies started out as a jam band in 2016. In their musical journey they combine musical elements from the East and the West, the South and the North. Dead Hippie's Revolution is their debut full length album released in February 2017. Nice instrumental grooves from Greece, touches of hard and classic rock with psychedelic elements thrown in. From the Heart of Greece Near the Aegean Sea, We Experience True, Deep, Prolific, Mind-Altering Instrumental Heavy Guitar Rock Power Trio Music
That Encompasses Depth, Vision, Passion & Majesty. Welcome to the Musical World of Universal Hippie


01 Redemption day
02 Homo sapiens
03 Mariner's dream
04 Universal hippie
05 Mountain
06 Holy slave
07 Matala
08 Reincarnation



Δευτέρα, 24 Ιουλίου 2017

The Vietnam Veteran- The Days of Pearly Spencer (1988)

The Vietnam Veterans is a French psychedelic band, hailing originally from Chalon-sur-Saône, a commune in eastern France. They released six full-length albums during the 1980s, starting in 1983. The band was praised by many alternative music publications, including Bucketfull of Brains during the 1980s. After a 21-year-long pause, they are now active again.

The Days of Pearly Spencer
is an compilation album by The Vietnam Veterans, released in 1988. It was the band's last full-length album before they broke up.

Their record label gave the following statement: "The Vietnam Veterans are no more. This album contains material which was recorded during long night sessions, but remained unreleased. With the re-recordings of the old "demo" songs, they want to prove that they are better than ever. Now it's time to die!"

The Vietnam Veterans has later come to life again, and released a new full-length album in 2009.

Track listing

# CD/LPTitleWriter(s)Length
1 / A1 "The Days of Pearly Spencer" David McWilliams 4:22
2 / A2 "500 Miles" Hedy West 5:54
3 / A3 "Is This Really the Time" Mark Enbatta 3:18
4 / A4 "Burning Temples" Mark Enbatta 4:19
5 / A5 "Don't Try to Walk on Me" Mark Enbatta 3:39
6 / B1 "Dogs" Mark Enbatta 4:43
7 / B2 "You're Gonna Fall" Mark Enbatta 3:59
8 / B3 "Dreams of Today" Mark Enbatta 6:18
9 / B4 "Be My Baby" Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Barry, Phil Spector 6:01
10 "The Trip" (CD only) Kim Fowley 23:53



Σάββατο, 22 Ιουλίου 2017

Ostrogoth -Feelings Of Fury-1987

Ostrogoth is a Belgian heavy metal band, formed in 1980 in Ghent.
The group were influenced by the new wave of British heavy metal and other successful European metal bands such as Scorpions and Accept. After an EP and two albums, Ecstasy and Danger and Too Hot, lack of a commercial success resulted in a major line-up change for 1987's Feelings of Fury, following which the band disbanded.

Track list:

01. Conquest
02. The Introduction
03. Samourai
04. Love Can Wait
05. We Are the Ace
06. The Hunter
07. Get Out of My Life
08. What the Hell Is Going On
09. Vlad Strigoi


Peter De Wint - Vocals
Rudy Vercruysse (R.I.P. 2015) - Guitars
Juno Martins - Guitars
Pierre Villafranca - Bass
Kriss Taerwe - Keyboards
Mario Pauwels - Drums

Release Date: 1987



Τετάρτη, 19 Ιουλίου 2017

Mano Negra - L'Essentiel (compilation)

Mano Negra (complete Spanish name: La Mano Negra, sometimes nicknamed La Mano in France) was a music group active from 1987 to 1995 and fronted by Manu Chao. The group was founded in Paris by Chao, his brother (Antoine) and cousin (Santiago), all born of Spanish parents with partly Cuban roots. Their songs were mostly in Spanish, English and French, often switching from one language to the other in the same song or in the middle of a sentence or title (e.g. "Puta's Fever"). They also had a hit song in Arabic.[1]They are considered pioneers of world fusion.

Οι Μάνο Νέγκρα (ισπαν. Mano Negra) ήταν ένα γαλλικό συγκρότημα. Το συγκρότημα ιδρύθηκε το 1987 από τον Μάνου Τσάο, τον αδελφό του Αντουάν και τον ξάδελφό του Σαντιάγο Κασαριέγκο. Διαλύθηκε περίπου το 1995, αλλά πολλά μέλη είχαν φύγει από το 1992.

Οι Mano Negra ανάμιξαν διάφορα μουσικά στυλ: Πανκ (επηρεασμένοι από τους The Clash), Ρέγκε, Σκα και Λάτιν. Το συγκρότημα, που είναι ακόμα φημισμένο σε τρεις ηπείρους, ήταν μεταξύ των πρωτοπόρων της διάδοσης της παγκόσμιας μουσικής (world music) και έχει επηρεάσει αμέτρητα συγκροτήματα στην Ευρώπη και τη Νότια Αμερική. Ο Μάνου Τσάο συνέχισε με μια πολύ επιτυχημένη σόλο καριέρα.

Το Όνομα

La Mano Negra (Το Μαύρο Χέρι) ήταν μια υποτιθέμενη οργάνωση αναρχικών στην Ισπανία. Η Ισπανική αστυνομία κατηγορούσε τους περισσότερους Ισπανούς αναρχικούς ότι ήταν μέλη της οργάνωσης.

Track listing

1. "Mala Vida" (Manu Chao / Mano Negra)1:57  [Puta's Fever]
2. "King Kong Five"(Manu Chao / Mano Negra)2:21 [Puta's Fever]
3. "Pas Assez De Toi" (Manu Chao / Mano Negra)2:25 [Patchanka]
4. "Killin' Rats"(Manu Chao / Mano Negra)2:58 [Patchanka]
5. "La Ventura" (Manu Chao)1:59  [Puta's Fever]
6. "La Rançon Du Succès" (Manu Chao)3:08 [King Of Bongo]
7. "Don't Want You No More"(Manu Chao)2:39 [King Of Bongo]
8. "Madame Oscar" (Manu Chao / Mano Negra)2:49  [King Of Bongo]
9. "El Jako" (Manu Chao / Mano Negra)3:12  [King Of Bongo]
10. "Le Bruit Du Frigo" (Manu Chao / Mano Negra)3:00[Amerika Perdida]
11. "Amerika Perdida" (Manu Chao / Mano Negra) 3:51 [Patchanka]
12. "El Alakran" (Manu Chao) (Manu Chao) 2:54 [Casa Babylon]


Σάββατο, 15 Ιουλίου 2017

Six Organs of Admittance - Burning the Threshold (2017)

Six Organs of Admittance is the primary musical project of guitarist Ben Chasny. Chasny's music is largely guitar-based and is often considered new folk however, it includes obvious influences, marked by the use of drones, chimes, and eclectic percussive elements. He records albums for Drag City and Holy Mountain, among other labels.

Chasny is also a member of the psychedelic band Comets on Fire, and has working relationships with Badgerlore, Current 93, and Magik Markers. His newest project is Rangda with Richard Bishop of Sun City Girls and Six Organs contributor Chris Corsano. Six Organs of Admittance has also released a song exclusively on the 2004 new folk compilation record The Golden Apples of the Sun. The album's compiler Devendra Banhart has stated this song comes from a fully produced but unreleased Chasny album he refers to as the "solo record," a bootleg of which circulates the internet.

01 - Things As They Are
02 - Adoration Song
03 - Reservoir
04 - Under Fixed Stars
05 - Around the Axis
06 - Taken By Ascent
07 - Threshold of Light
08 - St. Eustace
09 - Reflection


Πέμπτη, 13 Ιουλίου 2017

The Obsessed- Sacred (2017)

The Obsessed is a heavy metal band from Maryland led by Scott "Wino" Weinrich which combines elements of doom metal, stoner rock and punk rock.[1] Formed in 1980, they recorded a few demos and played a handful of live shows until they first split up in 1986 when Weinrich joined as lead vocalist for Saint Vitus, but reformed four years later. After releasing three albums (including the one that was originally recorded in 1985), The Obsessed broke up for a second time in 1995. After briefly reuniting for some shows in 2012 and 2013, The Obsessed announced their third reunion in March 2016.


Sodden Jackal
Punk Crusher
Perseverance of Futility
It's Only Money
Cold Blood
Stranger Things
Razor Wire
My Daughter My Sons
Be the Night
On So Long